I need a sound guy tomorrow, can you be there?
It is always difficult to do last minute gigs so please book early to ensure availability and professionalism, nothing worse than a last minute rushed gig.

How much is your service?
Our service charge varies depending upon the difficulty of your event, what equipment we need to make it happen, & How far away the event is from us "Mileage". We always will quote you on a four hour block of time and let you know what the per hour rate "Overage" is after the first four hours is so there wont be any surprise charges to you.

Is there a setup fee?
All of our quotes include setup, destination, break down, Fuel charge "Mileage", and taxes inclusively.

My brother in law/friend/etc, Is a sound guy and only charges X amount can you match or beat that?
We do our best to give you quality service at a reasonable rate, we have years of experience and charge a fair price for what your needs are, If you feel someone can do it cheaper beware it may not be better.

Does the setup and break down time cut into our time of 4 hours?
No, set up and break down time is not counted, so for an average 4hr show we will be there 6 1/2 hours but remember if your performance goes over the 4 hour mark you will be charged a per hour overage.

Do you do a flat fee or per band fee rather than a per hourly for live sound so I don’t have to worry about time overages?

We have learned from experience dealing with "Rock Star" bands that do a 2 hour long set to do per hour rates only, so they won’t waste time.

We went over 15 minutes do we pay for only the time of 15 min we went over?
We bill on an hourly cycle so you will be billed for the whole hour of service even for 5 min over.

The bands took longer to setup and had long sets I don’t think I should have to pay the overage for going over 4 hours!
Unfortunately we can not be responsible for lengthy setups and un-cooperative bands that play long sets, our agreement is final and overages are due at time agreed upon.

We need sound there at 8pm and the band starts at 8:30 we have 6 bands and it will end at 12 can you do this?
It takes at least 1 and1/2 hours minimum to set up a full system 1hr break down and 25 minutes between bands for a change over, (depending upon your live sound needs) that gives you an average 35 minute set time, please allow 1 hour per band plus setup and breakdown time.

We have a contractual obligation that the last band needs to be on by 11:30 is that cool?
We can not guarantee set times, some bands take longer to set up and to get off stage, If you have an obligation to get a band on early, put them on first then you are guaranteed to get them on before their contracted time.

Our band has a didgeridoo can you mic that up?
If you need something special please let us know up front and we will do our best to accommodate it.

We need 15 vocal mics and a full band accompaniment for a crowd of 50,000 people can you do it?
Us personally no, but we know a lot of other sound companies in the industry and may be able to rent their equipment at an additional cost to you, or we can referrer you to a company that can service your needs, Call us.

Our band will only use brand X microphones can you accommodate that?
Unfortunately there are many manufactures of microphones and equipment out there and we can not stock them all in our rigs, if you only use a particular brand of mic or specialty piece of equipment then please feel free to bring it with you.

We only have the location till 12 can you play till 11:45?
Please allow 1 hour or more for load out.
What equipment do you use, and do you have an equipment list?
We are always purchasing new equipment and upgrading our outdated equipment to keep up would be futile, but here is a short list of some of the brands we use: Allen & Heath, Behringer, Shure, AKG, GLS, Live Wire, Monster, DBX, Yamaha, Peavey, OSP, DR Pro, Electro Voice, and much much more!